Gas-diffusion electrocrystallization (GDEx)

The Electrochemical Excellence Centre (ELEC) at VITO develops electro conversion processes for the electrification of the industry, utilizing green electricity to produce chemical building blocks and e-fuels or to upcycle critical resources. The focus of the team is to invent new pathways and bring these innovations to the market. GDEx is one of the technologies developed within ELEC.

What is GDEx?

An electrochemical process of reactive precipitation of metals in solution with oxidizing or reducing agents produced in-situ by the electrochemical reduction of a gas, in a gas-diffusion electrode.

Our mission

We stand to be the number one choice for metal recovery from liquid streams for industrial clients and research partners committed to minimize the environmental and social impact of the clean-tech, low carbon-tech and circular economy industries.

Unique selling proposition

GDEx meets discharge limits & effectively recovers targeted metals into competitive products that can be integrated within existing processing chains.

  • GDEx tackles unique challenges that no unique BAT can deal with effectively and economically.
  • It is optimal for dilute metal concentrations (i.e., < 10 g/L, preferably at ppm level).
  • It can achieve the selective recovery of targeted metals from complex matrices.
  • GDEx meets key perfotmance indicators, backed up by key industrial stakeholders.